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The sauté pan: an indispensable tool in the kitchen

A sauté pan, also known as a sauté pan or sauté pan, is a versatile kitchen partner that should not be missing in your kitchen. This pan is designed for sautéing, a cooking technique in which ingredients are quickly fried in a small amount of oil or butter. But the possibilities are endless.

Why choose a sauté pan?

Cooking with precision: The shallow, wide bottom of a sauté pan ensures even heat distribution, ideal for cooking food evenly.
Quick and Healthy: Sautéing is a quick cooking method that preserves food flavor and improves texture, all with less fat.
Versatility: A sauté pan can also serve as a deep frying pan, wok or even as a baking dish. Multifunctionality in your kitchen!

Materials and sizes: choose the right sauté pan

When choosing the perfect sauté pan, there are two important considerations: the material and the size.

Material of the sauté pan

  • Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel) : Durable and easy to clean. Ideal for a professional appearance.
  • Copper : Excellent thermal conductivity, but requires some maintenance.
  • Cast iron : Retains heat well and is suitable for slow cooking. Ideal for stews.
  • Non-stick aluminum : Easy to clean and perfect for low-fat dishes.

Different sizes for the sauté pan

  • Small (20-25 cm) : Perfect for preparing smaller portions or side dishes.
  • Medium (26-30 cm) : Suitable for most cooking needs.
  • Large (31-36 cm) : Ideal for larger meals or when receiving guests.

Maintenance of your sauté pan

To ensure that your sauté pan lasts a long time and is always ready to use, proper maintenance is essential:

  • Hand Wash: Wash the sauté pan by hand to maintain the non-stick coating and the quality of the pan's materials.
  • Wooden or silicone cookware: Use these to prevent scratches on the non-stick coating.
  • Storage: Prevent scratches and other damage by placing intermediate layers when stacking multiple pans on top of each other.

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