Ideal for cutting, an asset to present your food: the wooden cutting board! Not only are they a valuable addition to your kitchen, they have a warm appearance, are a pleasure to use and extremely hygienic thanks to the antibacterial finish. At KookGigant, wooden cutting boards are available in several shapes and sizes, so there is always the perfect board for you. Don't wait any longer and enrich your kitchen with a beautiful wooden cutting board from KookGiant!

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The advantages of a wooden cutting board

In addition to purchasing high-quality knives, a wooden cutting board is also a smart investment for the kitchen. Why is a wooden cutting board such a good investment? Firstly, a cutting board ensures that the surface of your kitchen is not damaged. In addition, a good wooden cutting board offers more grip on the knife, so that you can cut more safely and accurately. In addition, the wooden cutting boards from KookGigant ensure that the blade of your knife is used on the right surface, so that your knives stay sharp longer and need to be sharpened less often. In short, a wooden cutting board is a worthwhile investment for several reasons!

A large wooden cutting board, why this is the solution for many kitchens!

Large wooden cutting boards are an excellent solution for many kitchens for several reasons. First, they provide a spacious and sturdy surface on which to cut, chop and prepare food. This is especially useful when preparing large quantities of food or when working with larger items, such as whole chickens or large pieces of vegetables.

In addition, large wooden cutting boards are generally more durable and finer than, for example, plastic cutting boards. With proper care, wooden cutting boards can last for years. Plastic cutting boards can easily become scratched or cracked, in which bacteria can grow. This makes wooden cutting boards more hygienic and easier to maintain.

Finally, large wooden chopping boards are multifunctional and can serve as different work surfaces in the kitchen, for example for serving cheese, cold cuts, bread and more. In short, large wooden cutting boards are a valuable addition to any kitchen!

Style in the kitchen with a beautiful wooden cutting board

A large wooden cutting board is not only functional as a kitchen tool, but also offers the opportunity to impress friends and family at a dinner or party. You can present the food you just prepared attractively on a wooden cutting board. In this way, the cutting board functions as a serving board. Or make an extensive drink board on a wooden cutting board. You are guaranteed to impress! Especially if you choose the right type of wood and size. The cutting board not only offers a beautiful presentation of the food, but also exudes craftsmanship and attention to detail. This makes a wooden cutting board more than just a functional item in the kitchen.

Make cutting food easier with the round wooden cutting board

A cutting board with a round shape can give a softer look. You can also use this cutting board as a serving board. A round wooden cutting board offers a unique experience while preparing and cutting dishes in the kitchen. The design makes it easy to rotate ingredients and present different dishes such as pizzas, pies, quiches and even more easily.

A wooden cutting board with edge or gutter

A wooden cutting board with an edge or a gutter is extremely useful if you cut a lot of meat or other products that produce a lot of juice. This juice does not leak off the cutting board, so it does not become a mess in the kitchen. Moreover, it gives your dish the chance to draw in its own moisture, which entails a rich and tender taste.

A warm appearance with the wooden cutting board oil

We recommend oiling the new cutting board before using it. This ensures that your wooden cutting board gets a beautiful dark look, making it look just a bit warmer and more chic. In addition, oiling ensures that the wood remains in good condition and, for example, discolors less quickly, but the most important advantage is that the risk of cracks in the wood is reduced! Please note: cracks cannot be completely prevented, because wood is a natural product and that can always start to work, causing cracks to appear. Oil can reduce this. Furthermore, oiling the cutting board ensures that the moisture of a product penetrates the cutting board less quickly, the oil absorbs the moisture from the outside as if it were.