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Experience a cooking experience full of joy and satisfaction with the most unique pans you have ever seen! Say goodbye to boring pans and welcome these masterpieces into your kitchen. These breathtaking pans add style and class to any culinary creation. Enjoy the best ceramic non-stick coating and perfect heat distribution. Every detail of these pans has been designed with love, from the beautiful green to the elegant dark wooden handle. Experience the fun and enjoyment of cooking with the Go Green pans for yourself.

Why it's so special:

  • Ceramic Non-stick Coating without PFAS
  • Induction suitable
  • Dishwasher suitable
  • Lasts 2.5x longer
  • Exclusively designed by leading designers

The best ceramic non-stick coating ever!

Discover the magic of our ceramic non-stick coating - healthy, sustainable and effortless cooking. Did you know that 60% of households still bake every day in pans with a chemical non-stick coating? Yes, we were shocked by that too! Fortunately, our healthy non-stick coating consists of several layers Naturally ceramics, without harmful chemicals such as PFAS and PFOA. Thanks to these layers of ceramic, all your dishes glide effortlessly through the pan without burning even a trace. Time to clean up? Thanks to the non-stick coating, the pan is spotless in one wipe, but you can also safely place it in the dishwasher. Be enchanted by effortless cooking and a conscience as radiant as your dishes.

Culinary result thanks to perfect heat distribution

Let your inner chef shine with enthusiasm, thanks to the extra thick base, the heat in the pan is evenly distributed, while the pan will not warp. The perfectly placed walls ensure optimal heat conduction. This allows you to reach the ideal cooking temperature in no time, leaving your dishes full of the best flavors and healthy nutritional minerals. Your meat will be more tender and juicy, without you having to put in any extra effort. Maximum results with minimum effort. In addition, you save as much as 30% energy, because the pan heats up faster. Get the best out of your culinary creations, with minimum effort and maximum taste, thanks to our Go Green Saucepan 22 cm with glass lid.

Designed to last

During the development of our Go Green We have not skimped on the choice of materials at all. 22 cm cooking pot with glass lid. We have chosen the very best of the best, with an eye for quality and sustainability. Thanks to extensive testing in our own kitchens, in collaboration with experienced chefs, we have found the perfect compositions. The result is astonishing: our pans last on average 2.5 times longer than pans of comparable prices. We've strived for nothing less than perfection, so you can enjoy cookware that lasts and delivers excellent performance every time. Invest in quality and trust our Go Green 22 cm saucepan with glass lid - your kitchen secret for long-lasting pleasure and successful cooking.

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By C&P - Go Green Cooking pan 22 cm with glass lid

By C&P - Go Green Cooking pan 22 cm with glass lid

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Brand By C&P
Model Go Green
Warranty 7 years
Material Aluminium
Handle stainless steel
Color Green
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 15.0
Amount 1
Non-stick Coating Ceramic
Pan Diameter 22.0

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About By C&P

The secret of a good chef? A good pan! By C&P(Cook and Pan) helps you in the kitchen by making cooking even more fun. This is also the goal of the modern pan brand. They make cooking more fun by cooking with beautiful, high-quality, healthy, sustainable and, above all, affordable cookware! Whether you cook for your family, friends or yourself, you can prepare the most delicious dishes with the high-quality and beautiful pans and pots!
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