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Proudly made in Italy, this magnetic knife block from Artelegno's Grand Prix collection is sculpted in a graceful and curved shape, the result of purposeful minimalist design research, while still retaining its capacity to accommodate up to 10 knives, with a maximum blade length of 25.5 cm.

This magnetic knife block is made of solid wood and is therefore completely recyclable. The non-toxic surface varnish, with excellent stain resistance, makes it suitable for any use with food.

The magnetic knife block is available in the classic beech wood version and in the prestigious walnut wood version. These fit perfectly in kitchens of various styles, both at home, from simple to refined, and in professional kitchens that are used intensively, without ever compromising the quality for which Artelegno is known.

Italian craftsmanship
Like all our Artelegno products, this showpiece emphasizes the artisanal characteristics of solid wood, making each item unique due to the always different wood grains.
The production of this masterpiece is the result of Artelegno's expertise since 1960 in woodworking, respecting and honoring the characteristics of this living material.

Natural materials
Please note that all our Artelegno products are made from natural wood. Any variations in color tones are inherent to the different types of wood we use. Artelegno reserves the right to make design changes without prior notice.

Features of the knife block

  • Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 26 cm
  • Completely recyclable
  • Solid wood
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Magnetic system
  • Resistant to stains

For tips on how to care for our knife blocks and keep them in top condition, please refer to our product cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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Artelegno - Grand Prix Magnetic Knife Block - Walnut wood

Artelegno - Grand Prix Magnetic Knife Block - Walnut wood

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Brand Artelegno
Model Grand Prix
Warranty 3 years
Material Walnut wood
Color Brown
Weight 2509g
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 26.0
Amount 1
Maximum Blade Length 25
Non-slip holder true

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About Artelegno

A company that is deeply rooted in its territory
Founded in 1960 in Premana, a small Italian mountain village, Artelegno is deeply rooted in the culture of craftsmanship that has characterized this village since Roman times.
In 2004, production was moved to the larger and modern facilities in Taceno.
A unique location, surrounded by a very beautiful nature that instills in the Fazzini family and in all members of the Artelegno team DNA the taste for beautiful things, the pride and respect for traditions and the importance of protecting our environment has taught.
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