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Imagine: you can easily lift hot dishes and baking tins out of the oven, without doubting your safety for a moment. This becomes a reality with the silicone oven mitt, black from OXO . These high-quality oven gloves are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort while cooking and baking. Whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home baker, our oven mitts are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Unique features and specifications:

  • Heat Resistance: Protects up to temperatures of 230 degrees, allowing you to cook safely and with confidence.
  • Comfortable and flexible: Made of silicone, these oven mitts provide comfort and flexibility, allowing you to handle pots, pans and bakeware with ease.
  • Non-slip grip: Features a textured surface for better grip, which is essential when handling slippery or wet surfaces.
  • Easy to clean: The oven mitts are machine washable and stain resistant, making them easy to maintain.
  • Stylish Design: Available in different colors and patterns to match any kitchen decoration.

Maintenance and recommendations

Wash the oven gloves regularly in the washing machine on a mild program with similar colors to extend their lifespan. Avoid using bleaches and allow them to dry naturally to maintain the integrity of the materials.

Order your brand new oven glove today
Upgrade your kitchen accessories with the Oven Glove silicone, black from OXO and experience comfort and protection during every cooking session. Order now and feel the difference in quality and safety!

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OXO - Silicone oven glove, black

OXO - Silicone oven glove, black

Sold out
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Brand OXO
Warranty 2 years
Material Silicone
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe No

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