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The Satake knife block is universal and made of transparent lacquered wood. The block has a removable insert of synthetic fibers where the knives can be used in their own order. The block offers space for approximately 6-8 knives.

  • No fixed slots; this allows you to lose more knives
  • For knives up to 24 cm blade
  • Beautiful appearance
  • removable brush; to clean it well

Suitable for all knives
The individual brushes inside gently adapt to the blades. This allows you to store all types of knives up to a blade length of 24 cm in the knife block.

Room for enough knives
You can easily store 6 to 8 knives in the knife block. All your favorite knives will be within reach from now on.

Easy to clean
The inside is removable. By wiping between the brushes with a cloth, it is cleaned in no time. Holding the brushes under running water is not recommended.

Does not damage the blades
Your favorite knives will not be damaged by this knife block. The individual brushes are carefully crafted so that they do not leave scratches.

Timeless design
The design is timeless and will find its own place in every kitchen. The exterior is made of matte black wood and has an elegant look.

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Satake - Luxury knife block

Satake - Luxury knife block

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Brand Satake
Warranty 2 years
Material Birch wood
Color Brown
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 14.0
Amount 1
Maximum Blade Length 24

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About Satake

Satake is a Japanese brand known for its high-quality kitchen knives. Here you will find knives and other kitchen products such as pots or mortars from popular collections such as Satake Nabe, Kuro or Houcho.
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