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Stay sharp

Correctly sharpening knives ensures longer cutting pleasure. At KookGigant we offer various sharpening stones. In this blog we would like to explain how to use it correctly. 

Step 1
Place the sharpening stone in a layer of water and let it soak for between 10 and 15 minutes.

Step 2
Place the sharpening stone with the coarse grain side up.

Step 3
Hold the blade at an angle of about 10-15 degrees and move the blade back and forth across the sharpening stone. Do not put too much pressure on this. Repeat this until the desired sharpness is achieved.

Step 4
Turn the sharpening stone over so that the fine grain size is facing up.

Step 5
Move the blade back and forth over the sharpening stone to polish the blade nicely.

Step 6
Clean the knife well, so that all sharpening residues disappear from the knife. Let the knife dry thoroughly before storing it to maintain its quality.

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