Opgeruimd staat netjes!

Tidy is tidy!

Separating waste is becoming more and more normal and that is good. Not only for the environment, but also for your wallet. The more waste is separated, the lower the waste levy. But what is actually allowed together and what is not?

Drinking packs
Because a drinking carton consists of more than just cardboard, it cannot be handed in with the paper. After collection, the packaging is split into paper, foil and aluminum.

Biodegradable waste
In addition to vegetables, fruit and garden waste, coffee grounds also belong in the organic waste bin. A composting plant turns this into compost or green gas.

Plastic packaging
All packaging materials consisting of plastic must be collected separately. After a processing process, new packaging can be made from it.

Electrical devices
Electrical appliances include anything with a plug or a battery. By taking it to a recycling center, for example, many parts can be reused.

All fabrics that are dry and clean can be handed in at different places. Clothes that are still good are worn again. If not, other materials are made from it.

Collect paper separately for easy recycling. Make sure that no other material, such as plastic, is added. Then it can no longer be used.

Residual waste
Everything that does not fall into one of the above categories is automatically residual waste.

For more information about separating waste, please visit www.wastescheidswijzer.nl

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