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This diamond sharpening steel from the Messermeister brand is ideal for restoring the edge of your knives. The wide curvature of the oval bar provides a larger sharpening surface, while the narrow curvature can also be used to work a jagged edge. It has an ergonomic handle with a suspension ring and a non-marking tip that protects the supporting surfaces.

How do you use a sharpening steel?
Read our blog here: Using sharpening steel in 3 steps. NOTE: A sharpening steel and sharpening steel look similar, but are not the same. However, the use of both is the same.

  • Made of diamond steel
  • Makes your knives razor sharp again in no time
  • 800 Grit diamond sharpening steel
  • Not in the dishwasher
  • The best in class

Simple and fast
Quickly sharpen your knife again with a sharpening steel. With a sharpening steel you can sharpen a relatively large amount of steel away from your knife in one movement. If you sharpened your knife every day with a sharpening steel, there would be little left of your knife.

Sharpening is fun!
Cutting with a dull knife is never fun. With a sharpening steel your blunt knife will be sharp again in no time, nice to see and to experience!

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Messermeister - 800 grit diamond sharpening steel

Messermeister - 800 grit diamond sharpening steel

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Brand Messermeister
Warranty 1 year
Handle plastic
Color Black
Weight 150g
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 2.5
Amount 1
Grain size 800

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About Messermeister

Founded in 1981 by Bernd Dressler, Messermeister is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted premium chef's knives, kitchen cutlery and cookware, the brand of choice for everyone from professional chefs to home cooks. The California-based, woman-owned company with roots in Germany is committed to providing durable, high-quality chef's knives, kitchen accessories and award-winning culinary tools by scouring the world for the finest quality manufacturing and looking for value .
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