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Only during Father's Day will you receive a luxurious serving board for FREE with this razor-sharp Father's Day bundle! Perfect for your father!

Epoxy Sapphire Damascus Print 6-piece Knife Set + Acacia holder double-sided:

This combination deal contains a 6-piece knife set from the Epoxy Sapphire Series + a magnetic knife block that is magnetic on both sides. This combination is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen and ensures that your new favorite knives are stored in a stylish way. 

This acacia wood knife block comes with 6 knives from the Epoxy Sapphire series that are suitable for various cutting tasks in the kitchen. The combination of unique epoxy handles and an acacia wood knife block makes it truly a work of art.

The set consists of:

1x Epoxy Sapphire Damascus Print Series - 6-piece knife set

  • High-quality German high carbon steel
  • Beautiful damask print on the blade

1x Magnetic knife block acacia wood double-sided

  • Durable and strong
  • Sturdy
  • Practical and elegant

The prices mentioned are inclusive €40 discount .

German solidity in a Japanese guise. Beautiful and unique Shinrai Japan knife set. All the knives you need in 1 set! The Damascus Print Series knife set consists of a Chef's knife (20 cm), a Santoku knife (18 cm), a Nakiri knife (18 cm), a Bread knife (20 cm), an Office knife (13 cm), and a Paring knife (9 cm).

People who cut a lot probably suffer from this sometimes. Knives that become blunt very quickly and blades where the cut food always sticks to the knife. With this razor-sharp knife set from Shinrai Japan, that is a thing of the past. The handmade steel blade extends into a beautiful Epoxy Sapphire handle.

The knives from Shinrai Japan are unique as most of them are made by hand. Forged from German High Carbon steel, making the knives hard and very sharp. A beautiful and durable knife set that cannot be missing in your kitchen.

  • Made from German high carbon steel
  • Hardened to 60 HRC Rockwell
  • Razor sharp 6-piece knife set
  • Comes in a luxurious gift box
  • The best in its price range

All knives are extremely sharp. The perfect balance makes them fit comfortably in your hand. Cutting food has never been so much fun!

Handmade in detail
Because the knives are handmade, every detail can be carefully examined every time. This way you get the best quality Japanese knives.

Perfect grip
The handles are made of high quality Epoxy Sapphire. The epoxy provides a nice effect on the handle. Each handle is different and in real life the handles are even more beautiful than in the photos. The handles fit well in the hand and provide a nice grip when cooking.

A second advantage of the blade is the bolster. This does not extend all the way to the edge, but it does clearly separate the handle from the blade. This provides extra safety while cutting, which is nice!

A beautiful gift
The knives are always delivered in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the knives are protected along the way, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it.

OVAL - Pure Olive Wood Serving Board 35-40 cm:

The Pure Olive Wood Serving Board 35-40 cm by OVAL is a versatile and essential addition to the table or kitchen. This serving board from Oval is the perfect addition to your table setting. Present delicious snacks or create an extensive drinks board with this beautiful Olive wood serving board.

The Pure Olive Wood collection only uses Mediterranean wood that comes from old olive trees that have lost their olive production function.

The characteristic growth of the olive tree produces one of the hardest types of wood in the world. Each olive wood product has its own special drawing and is therefore unique.

100% solid olive wood
The Pure Olive Wood line consists of 100% olive wood . All serving boards,

bowls, bread baskets, mortars and other various kitchen accessories from the Pure Olive Wood collection are made from a solid piece of olive wood.

Can also be used as a cutting board
The olive wood is knife-friendly and has the right hardness to prevent deep nicks. So don't just use it as a serving board, but also as a high-quality cutting board!

With a length Measuring 35-40 cm, the Pure Olive Wood serving board is perfect for cutting and serving larger ingredients or dishes.

A beautiful gift
The Oval serving board is perfect to give as a gift to someone else or to yourself. In any case, this beautiful shelf will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it.

2 year warranty
We are completely convinced of the quality of the OVAL serving boards. That is why we offer a 2-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects!

Maintenance tips and recommendations
After using your wooden serving board, it is wise to always clean it. It is best to rinse it under a lukewarm tap and wipe clean with a washing-up brush or sponge. If you have cut raw meat, it is wise to wash the board with mild dishwashing liquid. Then dry the wooden serving board thoroughly with a tea towel. If you put a wooden serving board away wet, there is a good chance that cracks will appear or it will warp. Once you have dried the serving board thoroughly, place it upright. It is important that the grain of the wood is vertical, so the chance of the serving board warping is much smaller. Avoid the dishwasher to extend its life.

Major maintenance for a wooden serving board
If used diligently, a wooden serving board can lose its natural color and shine over time. We recommend that you regularly lubricate your wooden serving board with a thin layer of maintenance oil every 2 to 4 months. Apply a thin layer of this oil to the plank. Simply drip some oil onto the surface, spread it evenly with a paper towel or cloth and let the board absorb the oil. Repeat this process until the plank no longer absorbs oil. In this way the wood is saturated and receives the necessary nutrition. This way you not only restore the natural color and shine, but you also extend the lifespan of your serving board!

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Father's Day bundle: Epoxy Sapphire Damascus Print 6-piece Knife Set + FREE olive wood serving board

Father's Day bundle: Epoxy Sapphire Damascus Print 6-piece Knife Set + FREE olive wood serving board

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1.447,00 krTranslation missing: en.products.product.regular_price
3.045,00 - 52% discount
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