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Introducing the Grill Pan with Removable Handle from Eurolux , an essential kitchen tool that combines exceptional quality, innovative design and great performance. This cast aluminum grill pan made for culinary excellence will take your cooking adventures to the next level. Made with precision and an eye for detail, the Eurolux Grill Pan features a durable and sturdy aluminum body, which ensures even heat distribution and consistent cooking results. The grill pan has a maximum temperature of 240°C and the handle can tolerate a maximum of 160°C. Furthermore, this grill pan has a thick MicroCERAMIC non-stick coating that is guaranteed to be free of harmful PFOA .

Better heat absorption
The black bottom of the grill pan ensures better heat absorption, allowing it to heat up up to 30% faster than induction pans, and the thick induction base ensures that the heat is evenly distributed.

Perfect heat distribution
Thanks to the durable aluminum material of the grill pan, the heat is evenly distributed over the entire pan. This means that your dishes can be grilled evenly without experiencing hotspots. Moreover, the even heat distribution of the grill pan also helps you cook more accurately.

Handy detachable handle
The Grill Pan is equipped with a handy removable handle, which makes cooking on different heat sources a lot easier. With a removable handle you can use the pan on various heat sources, such as the stove, the oven and the barbecue. Safe handling ensures safer use when moving the pan. The long and heat-resistant handle reduces the risk of burns and accidents.

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Suitable for all heat sources
Detachable handle for use in oven and open fire
Thick MicroCERAMIC non-stick coating
The cast aluminum pan is relatively heavy

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Eurolux - Grill Pan with Removable Handle 28 CM

Eurolux - Grill Pan with Removable Handle 28 CM

Sold out
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Brand Eurolux
Warranty 25 years
Material Cast aluminum
Handle Plastic
Color Black
Weight 1950g
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 8.0
Amount 1
Non-stick Coating Ceramic non-stick coating
Pan Diameter 28.0

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About Eurolux

Eurolux produces products that are 100% suitable for all brands of induction hobs and are manufactured entirely in Germany, which reduces CO2 emissions. The brand meets strict environmental requirements and no waste water is discharged during the production process. The silicone feet under the grill plates protect the hob against scratches and ensure stability. Thanks to the special base that absorbs more energy than standard bases, the user saves energy and the pans heat up up to 30% faster. Eurolux offers a 25-year warranty against warping of the bottom. In addition, the LuxTec non-stick coating ensures that less fat is needed; this layer is stronger and thicker than that of most other pans, making them last longer.
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