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This pensofal Magnifiqa vapSì wok of 24 cm is part of the Magnifiqa collection. This collection is a beautiful reflection of the advancements in the culinary world of cooking. These pans are known for retaining heat for 30% longer . This Pensofal saucepan is also made of almost 100% pure recycled aluminum . Furthermore, the pans from this collection are brushed by hand, so that the food properties remain intact during cooking . The handle is made of sturdy brass and the pan has a patented double bottom with a flat surface, making it suitable for all heat sources, including induction . In short, a wok pan that is perfect for high-quality and intensive use .


Suitable for the oven
Do you have a dish that needs to go in the oven? No problem. The Magnifiqa series can also be safely used in the oven, thanks to the ergonomic brass handles. The rivet heads are also made of anti-oxidant stainless steel, so you can also use this pan with a slight sensitivity to heavy metals.


Full induction
Thanks to the unique and patented "FULL INDUCTION" forged double bottom, the Magifiqa series is suitable for all heat sources, including induction hobs. In addition, the "FULL INDUCTION" technology ensures an even heat transfer from the bottom to the walls.


About this collection
The Magnifiqa series is designed in collaboration with famous chefs from all over the world and takes you back in time, rediscovering the authentic flavors by cooking in natural aluminum. With its traditional design and handles, this pan is also ideal for serving your dishes directly to the table.


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Oven safe
Patented double bottom
For All heat sources
does not have a traditional handle

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Magnifiqa - VapSì Wok 24 cm

Magnifiqa - VapSì Wok 24 cm

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Brand Pensofal
Model Magnifiqa
Warranty 2 years
Material Aluminium
Handle stainless steel
Color bronze
Weight 1400g
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 13.5
Amount 1
Non-stick Coating Diamond coating
Pan Diameter 24.0

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